Why We Are Rallying In Albany on March 14


Washington has launched an all-out assault on the health care of New Yorkers. Massive healthcare cuts threaten access to care in New York - especially for the elderly and lower-income families. Now, it’s up to our elected state legislators in Albany to provide the necessary healthcare funding in the state budget, which is due on April 1, 2018.

That’s why thousands of 1199ers and our allies will be rallying in Albany on March 14

  1. We will be standing up for our children to ensure they are able to grow up healthy and strong.
  2. We will be standing up for the best possible quality care.
  3. We will be standing up for good jobs and quality care in our communities.

What we are facing: The Federal government’s lack of action on the Affordable Care Act’s cost-sharing reduction payments means an $870 million cut in funding for New York’s Essential Health Plan. New York also must address $700 million in Federal Medicare cuts.

Billions of dollars in cuts proposed by President Trump would dismantle New York’s healthcare system. That means there will bankrupt hospitals, laid off workers, short-staffing and diminished quality care for patients.

Meanwhile, our hospitals and nursing homes are already in a financially fragile position, because they haven’t had a Medicaid rate increase in 10 years.

1199ers are fired up and ready to tell our state legislators that they must include increased healthcare spending in the budget to ensure access to high quality health care for all New Yorkers! Speak with a delegate or organizer for more information today or sign up here.

Scroll Down to see why these 1199SEIU healthcare workers are getting on the bus and rallying to Secure Our Care on March 14.

Maurice DePalo, Pharmacist,
Montefiore Hospital

Michael Hinton, Materials Handler,
Vassar Bros Hospital

Shalonda Harris, CNA
Loretto NH, Syracuse, NY

Ali Karim, PCA, Mt. Sinai

Tia Davis, CNA at Bishop Rehabilitation Center in Syracuse with friend Jackie. Bishop workers joined 1199SEIU in 2017

Tawana Brown Johnson, Clerical Assistant, Brooklyn Hospital

Katherine Lewis, Physician Assistant, 
Richmond University Medical Center


Tell Your State Legislators: Increase Funding for Healthcare!

New York is facing massive healthcare cuts from Washington. This means more and more families across the state could lose their coverage and many of our already struggling hospitals could be one step closer to closing.  Click here for a simple way to contact your state legislator.

Thunderclap To Secure Our Care

Let’s make some noise! Join a Thunderclap for our #1199CodeBlueRally. It’s easy! Click here or the SIGN UP button below. That’s it! Then at noon on Wednesday, when thousands of healthcare workers and our supporters are rallying in Albany, all of our voices will be heard at once across social media. You don’t have to do anything other than sign up today and the message will be automatically sent out during the rally! And share, share, share.


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