The Heart of New Jersey


We’re Standing Together! Making Our Voices Heard For Quality Care & Good Jobs!

We provide direct care, nourishment and support services to the frail and elderly in New Jersey’s nursing homes. We take care of New Jersey’s most vulnerable citizens at the same time that we are trying to build a better life for our children and our families.

We are voices for quality care and good jobs! We are the heart of New Jersey!

 As dedicated nursing home caregivers, we love our residents and take pride in our work. In order to provide the best possible quality care, we need decent wages and affordable benefits, so we can take care of our families at the same time we take care of yours. We are currently in negotiations with our employers and fighting for:

Decent wages, so we can support ourselves and our families— and our nursing homes can recruit and retain quality caregivers;

Affordable health benefits, so we can take care of ourselves & our families at the same time we care for our frail and elderly residents;

A guaranteed pension that allows us to retire with dignity;

Training & education to help us better ourselves by learning new job skills or through academic opportunities.

Let’s face it, everyone knows someone in a nursing home—or who will someday depend on nursing home care. It’s about dignity for all of us!

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