The National African American Caucus of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is committed to enhancing opportunities for education, training mentorship, leadership development and networking for SEIU members and staff of African descent.

We further engage to promote social, economic and political justice within our workplace, our communities, our nation and within our union.

We shall further encourage our members to actively engage in efforts to organize the unorganized and to fully participate in the development and implementation of labor's political agrenda and programs.


AFRAM Bylaws


• Leah Nelson, President
• Robin Frith, Vice President
• Samantha Jason, Vice President
• George Brown, Sergeant of Arms
• Omowale McQueen, Treasurer
• Janel James, Assistant Treasurer
• Henry Singleton, Public Relations

The violence rally in Charlottesville, VA lead by White supremacist on Saturday August 12, 2017 is strongly condemn by AFRAM SEIU New York Chapter. The acts of violence which led to the senseless death of Heather Heyer, Lieutenant H. Jay Cullen, Trooper Berke Bates and injury to dozens, we mourn their loss and pray for recovery.

The Future AFRAM Stars are the movement of the future, a place without children is a place with no growth. The children will learn about the labor movement and how to become empowered to continue the fight to keep the labor movement strong for continuous growth into the future!!!

AFRAM_grad_feat.jpgTuesday, May 18, 2016 AFRAM hosted the Black Caucus Columbia University School of Social Work 18th Annual Black Graduation Class of 2016. Black Caucus was established to cultivate a positive relationship in the Harlem community and a support system for people of color. It serves as an opportunity for the AFRAM members to be a part of this event and support the community in which our members live and work.

The African American Caucus NY Chapter of SEIU (AFRAM) after our regular had an amazing Karaoke event on May 13, 2016. It was a night of fun, unity and displaying potential talents. The AFRAM karaoke night was just what the AFRAM members envisioned: with fun, laughter and fellowship amongst members and guests who came out to be with us.

aframstars_feat.jpgThe Future AFRAM Stars 1st Candy Sale Fundraiser was held at 1199 Headquarters on Friday, April 29, 2016! 21 children participated and enjoyed the opportunity to display and sale treats they created and/or prepared.

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