AFRAM Host 18th Black Graduation

Jun 07, 2016


Tuesday, May 18, 2016 AFRAM hosted the Black Caucus Columbia University School of Social Work 18th Annual Black Graduation Class of 2016. Black Caucus was established to cultivate a positive relationship in the Harlem community and a support system for people of color. It serves as an opportunity for the AFRAM members to be a part of this event and support the community in which our members live and work. 23 people of color from different countries and background participated in the graduation along with their families, friends and AFRAM members.The key note speaker for the evening was Professor Lenny Williams, a gifted leader in inspiring youth and motivating individuals to follow their dreams. We honor those students who graduated with their Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University. The dedication, strength and encouragement they showed each other during the ceremony was touching and inspiring for the AFRAM members. We empower this group of Professional to follow their dreams and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

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