Hundreds of Florida Caregivers Convened at our 2015 Delegates Assembly

January 21, 2016

On Friday, December 11, 2015, nearly three hundred delegates gathered for our annual Delegates Assembly. Our 2015 Joint Delegates Assembly was a forum that allowed all of our delegates to reflect on the goals we set for the year, celebrate our victories, and strategize on continuing to build our power in 2016.

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One of the most exciting parts of the Delegates Assembly was the swearing-in of our 127 NEWLY ELECTED DELEGATES! As we know, the more Delegates we have, the more POWER we have to implement the changes that need to happen which will make our hospitals, nursing homes and medical centers great places to work and receive care.

Our vision for 2016 is to create a strong Union that will position its members to win in all levels; so that when we go into bargaining in 2017, we are ready to WIN at the bargaining table, at our workplaces and in our communities. Monica Russo, our executive vice-president, challenged us to rethink our strategies as the world around us is changing, and urged us to be bold and fearless in our leadership in order to win for working people, our families and communities.

To make this happen, the Delegates present identified the following areas to refocus our efforts:

1. Increasing numbers of delegates to lead the work

2. Increasing density inside of our hospitals, nursing homes and medical centers

3. Increasing political awareness and participation in PACs (Political Action Committee)

4. Increasing the numbers of registered voters in our facilities

5. Increasing on turning out our members to vote

The Delegates Assemblies are there for all our members to exercise their leadership, governance and voice to help set the direction and trajectory of our Union.

The next Delegates Assembly will take place in the different regions on March 11, 2016.