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A total of 36 busses carrying more than 50 members each drove down to Washington DC on April 29th from New York, New Jersey and Maryland to march for Climate Justice and Clean Energy Jobs. Members in Upstate New York, Boston and Florida took part in sister marches at the same time. Well over 2,000 1199ers turned out to protest against climate chaos and push for a clean energy future.

In Washington, DC, an 1199 member took to the podium at the labor rally and explained why she had come. Almitra Yancey, who lives in Staten Island and works as a Customer Service Liaison in Montefiore Health System in Tarrrytown, New York, said:

“In both the Bronx and Staten Island, I know first-hand, that the effects of climate chaos are not just a terrible threat to my children in the future, but they are also hitting home RIGHT NOW.

“In Staten Island we were badly hit by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, which caused many of my friends to be forced out of their homes for months on end while major repairs were done.

“It boggles my mind that the President would deny science in this way,” continued Ms Yancey.

“At the Montefiore Contact Center we get calls almost every day from parents of children with asthma. In the Bronx, the hospitalization rate for asthma is five times higher than the national average. Many scientists believe that the high levels of pollution caused by cars and trucks on the major highways passing through the Bronx is a major contributing factor to asthma.

“As healthcare workers we need to stand together and speak out against the current administration, who are now threatening the health of every single one of us.”

In spite of the President’s recent pledge to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, powerful states like New York, California and Washington have spearheaded a United States Climate Alliance which is committed to upholding the Agreement and taking aggressive action to prevent Climate Chaos.

This alliance is a direct result of the strength of popular protest in which 1199 members have taken a leading role.

1199SEIU sponsorship enabled many indigenous people who might not have been able to attend the march to add their voices to the hundreds of thousands making a profound statement on April 29.

IEN Executive Director Tom Goldtooth said the network was grateful for 1199’s continuing support:

"The battle in Standing Rock was unprecedented because it demonstrated the growing solidarity across different movements. In particular, the labor movement was very present, showing their support for Indigenous Peoples and for the fight for social and climate justice.

"1199SEIU continues this support by partnering with the Indigenous Environmental Network to bring Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux members to the People's Climate March, giving Indigenous peoples more opportunity to share their stories, which too often go unheard"


Krystyna Garncarz, PCA at Staten Island Hospital.
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Emilia Arendacova, PCA at Staten Island Hospital
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Nancy Fisher,
Clerical Associate at Staten Island Hospital
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