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We are the largest and fastest growing union of healthcare workers nationwide, with over 400,000 members working for nursing homes, homecare agencies, hospitals, and community clinics. 1199 members fought hard for the $15 minimum wage, and on March 31st 2016 New York had a historic victory. We are now on the path to a $15 minimum wage for all working people across the state!

Over 100,000 members of 1199 and over 3 million total working people will have their pay raised by the $15 minimum wage. This is not only about lifting up low-wage caregivers, but also about improving wages for ALL healthcare workers and boosting our economy as a whole. As Governor Cuomo declared often while fighting alongside us, "We are all connected to each other." The $15 minimum wage will put upward pressure on employers to raise wages for everybody, and lead our entire nation toward a better future where hard work is rewarded with fair pay.

We are continuing to grow and build the most effective voice for our patients, our families and each other. Learn more about joining 1199SEIU today!

Mar 15, 2013
For Immediate Release Friday,...
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Apr 24, 2012
In an overwhelming victory this April, 325 home health aides with Utopia Home Care in Queens, NY, voted to join 1199SEIU. By uniting tog...
Mar 16, 2012
Contact: Kimberly Diehl | 718.271.4235 | kimberly.diehl@1199.org West Palm Beach, FL - With a state budget awaiting the gove...
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Nursing home caregivers, students and street theater performers conducted a satirical manhunt outside of NYU Law School for school Trust...
Dec 8, 2011
Seniors Management North 1114 Wynnwood Avenue Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 Across from Wegmans at Haddonfie...
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West Palm Beach, FL ? Last night, a majority of the healthcare workers at Good Samaritan Medical Center became the fourth hospital owned...
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SPRINGFIELD, MA ? As the November 8 election approaches, members of the largest labor union in Springfield are empowering residents to g...
Oct 12, 2011
On September 23, 86 Certified Nursing Assistants at Hamilton Continuing Care, a nursing home in New Jersey, voted overwhelmingly to join...
Sep 22, 2011
Registered nurses at St. Mary?s Hospital for Children in Bayside voted overwhelmingly last week to join Local 1199 SEIU, United Healthca...
Sep 16, 2011
RN election follows a previous union vote of over 200 other caregivers in August; The 320 union staff at St. Mary?s say they now have a ...
Sep 6, 2011
The nursing home workers at Plaza Rehabilitation and Nursing Home in Elizabeth, NJ voted on August 4 to rejoin 1199SEIU. Plaza is the se...
Eva James
Eva James
CA/RN , Beth Israel Hospital, New York, NY
This union has enhanced my life with the various benefits offered, such as medical and educational. I had to have major surgery a while back, and 1199 covered all of my expenses.
Eva James
Tiona Rockett
CNA , Syracuse
I know I have a secure pension with 1199SEIU with guaranteed monthly payouts after I retire. That’s important to me and my family. A nonunion facility doesn’t guarantee anything.
Eva James
Anestine Bentick
CNA, South Boston Community Health Center
Unfortunately, my husband lost his battle with cancer but even during that tough process, I was thankful for the family health insurance we have. My family was able to focus on his health rather than worrying about cost. As 1199 members, we are able to negotiate how much we contribute to our health insurance and it was a valuable benefit for me during that tough time.
Eva James
Bernice Gilmore
Housekeeper, Arch Plaza, North Miami, Florida
I supported joining with 1199SEIU because there is power in numbers. With more power, we are bargaining for better benefits and win good health insurance for ourselves and our families.