1199SEIU Sends Solar Powered Lamps To Puerto Rico

October 15, 2017

The 300 solar-powered lamps in these boxes are bound for Puerto Rico as part of the on-going 1199SEIU relief effort for the island in the wake of the devastation wrecked by Hurricane Maria.

Maria Kercado, 1199SEIU Executive Vice President for the Mount Sinai hospital system, said: “It is important for us as healthcare workers to ensure that the people in Puerto Rico have the basic necessities. Without electricity it has been difficult for many people to establish communications. These solar lamps not only provide light, but they allow people to charge their phones.

“We view this as an important aspect of helping support people’s mental health. Being able to make contact with their families in the US is so important to those who have been cut off by the storm.”

She is one of many members who have family on the island of Puerto Rico. The lamps will be received and distributed by 1996/Sindicato Puertorriqueño de Trabajadores y Trabajadoras and 1199/ Union General de Trabajadores. Along with the solar lamps, 1199SEIU has worked with Afya Foundation to pack medical supplies donated by Greater New York Hospital Association to Puerto Rico as well as assisting those in the US Virgin Islands, Barbuda and Antigua.