Political Action Center

In January, more than 2,000 nursing home workers voted to prioritize Medicaid expansion in advance of their contract negotiations at 65 facilities in order to ensure an additional 1.2 million Floridians have access to healthcare through Medicaid.

They also declared 2013 the “Year of the Nursing Home Worker” and members are already achieving big victories across the state.

At Tampa Rehab, nursing home workers rallied behind two of their co-workers who were wrongfully terminated and recouped a $61,000 settlement for lost wages for each of their colleagues.At University Village in Tampa, members bargained with their employer and secured a 5% wage increase within 6 months, better health insurance coverage, and more time off for union work to improve patient care and their communities.At Susanna Wesley Health Center in Miami, workers bargained with their employer and secured wage increases that take effect every 6 months, an increase in the employer contribution for their health insurance coverage, and additional paid time off.At Oceanside nursing home in Miami Beach, workers faced an employer that refused to negotiate a new union contract. In response, 70 union members went to their supervisor demanding contract negotiations and 50 members picketed in front of the nursing home, which pushed their employer to agree to contract negotiations.

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