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Final 1199 Anthem Workshop

We are holding our final anthem workshop. All members & their families are welcome to participate.

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Stand Up For Quality Care & Good Jobs

Stand & tell the owners of Alaris Health to settle a fair contract that protects patients & workers.
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1199 President Statement on Ferguson

george_gresham_feat.jpg“There has been a travesty of justice for Michael Brown, his family, the Ferguson community, and communities of color across our nation. Once again, an unarmed person of color has been killed without any consequences, like so many countless others.

1199 Members Care For Buffalo During Epic Storm

buffaloSnowStorn_feat.jpgA historic storm hit Buffalo, NY this week, dumping over 7 feet of snow, collapsing roofs, stranding travelers, and impacting nearly ten thousand 1199SEIU members living and working in the 8 counties of Western New York. While roads remain closed, 1199SEIU members lead the way providing care to patients and residents in the many Hospitals and Nursing Homes across the area.

1199SEIU Education Director Publishes Book on Social Justice Icon

Jones_feat.jpgBarbara Smith is one of the most committed and effective social justice activists whose name you do not know. She has been on the frontlines of social change through the civil rights movement as well as fighting for the liberation of working class people, women and LGBTQ communities. One of 1199’s own, the distinguished Alethia Jones, PhD, has recently published a book that documents 40 years of Barbara Smith’s groundbreaking voice and contributions to our struggles.

Campaign by DC Homecare Workers Boosts Salaries By 33 Percent

Nov12meeting-group_feat.jpgThanks to the campaign by DC’s homecare workers, more agencies are obeying the law and paying the city’s living wage of $13.60 an hour.

1199SEIU Philippines Relief Fund

HayanAd-print_feat.jpgIn 2013, Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines, killing more than 6,000 of Filipino residents throughout the islands. In all, the disaster impacted 16 million people. More than 4 million people were displaced and 6 million workers had their livelihoods stripped away. Vast areas were swept clean of homes, schools and hospitals. The corpses were strewn among the wreckage making the spread of disease an imminent danger. Survivors were left without water, food or shelter.

1199ers Demand Respect & Dignity at Alaris Health

alerisRespect_feat.jpgIn September 2014, nursing home caregivers at four Alaris Health nursing homes in New Jersey went on strike to demand an end to the company's unfair labor practices and a fair contract that protects patients and workers.

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