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1199SEIU Delegates are the rank-and-file leadership of our Union. Like “stewards” in other Unions, our Delegates are workers on the job who are elected by the members in the institutions-usually by department and shift.

The Delegates meet by chapters and also in regional, Divisional and Union-wide assemblies. They are the voice of the members to the Union leadership. Our 1199SEIU Executive Council-the highest elected body of the Union-includes not only our elected Officers, but also dozens of Delegates who represent various job classifications in every healthcare sector and all of the geographical settings where we are organized.

Throughout the history of our Union, our Delegates have been the heart and soul of Union collective bargaining, organizing and political campaigns. Delegates are absolutely crucial in mobilizing the members. Without our Delegates, 1199SEIU could not have grown into the strong, influential Union it has become.

Delegate Primer & Grievance Guide to Effective Representation

Download the Guide.

Delegate Elections Guidelines

Download the Guide.

Download a copy of the 1199SEIU Delegate's Pledge.

Learn about the benefits available to you and your family as a member of 1199SEIU.
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