1199SEIU New York City

310 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 582-1890

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1199 began as New York City pharmacists’ Union in 1932 and New York City remains, to this day, the primary base of the organization. In 1959, the largely male, Jewish drugstore Union began to transform itself by launching drives to organize the city’s voluntary, not-for profit hospitals and their primarily female, African-American and Latino workers.

Number of Members: 200,000
Number of Delegates:
Number of Facilities:




Everyday, 1199SEIU members are continuing to build on our historic growth in New York by uniting and organizing healthcare and home care workers across the state.


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1199SEIU thanks Governor Cuomo for expanding important healthcare coverage to transgender New Yorkers, and is proud of the 1199 National Benefit Fund, which has helped set the standard for comprehensive coverage for the transgender community for 25 years.

dcRally_feat.jpgHundreds of 1199SEIU members from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C and Maryland were among the nearly 10,000 people who marched in the nation’s capital on Saturday, December 13th demanding an end to police violence and the unjust treatment of people of color and the poor at the hands of the country’s law enforcement officials.

A world where World AIDS Day would honor those we’ve lost to AIDS and at the same time celebrate the disease’s eradication. While that day may not be here yet, we can take this day as an opportunity to unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS, show our support for people living with the disease and commemorate those we have lost.

“There has been a travesty of justice for Michael Brown, his family and the Ferguson community. Once again, an unarmed person of color has been killed without any consequences, like so many countless others. The healthcare workers of 1199SEIU share the deep anguish of the Brown family, because our own members have experienced similar tragedies.

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