1199SEIU New York City

310 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 582-1890

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1199 began as New York City pharmacists’ Union in 1932 and New York City remains, to this day, the primary base of the organization. In 1959, the largely male, Jewish drugstore Union began to transform itself by launching drives to organize the city’s voluntary, not-for profit hospitals and their primarily female, African-American and Latino workers.

Number of Members: 200,000
Number of Delegates:
Number of Facilities:




Everyday, 1199SEIU members are continuing to build on our historic growth in New York by uniting and organizing healthcare and home care workers across the state.


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delegates_swearingin_feat.jpgThe oath of office was administered by retired 1199 President Dennis Rivera to 1199SEIU’s Executive leadership and some 1,400 union delegates from the downstate New York area at a swearing in ceremony held June 9 in New York City. Taking a few moments before conducting two oaths of office — one for officers and one for delegates — Rivera took time to praise the work of 1199’s leaders and encourage leadership development.

Juneteenth_White_feat.jpgAlthough Pres. Abraham Lincoln signed The Emancipation Proclamation on Jan. 1, 1863, the U.S. Civil War would not end for another two-and- a-half years; many southern states and allied territories refused to recognize the Union victory. They continued to hold African Americans in slavery and struggled bitterly to maintain their sovereignty over human bondage.

nyuLab_feat.jpgLaboratory professionals in New York’s NYU Langone Medical Center system won landmark wage increases this April after a years-long struggle for recognition for their profession. The increases are part of an agreement that went into effect May 1 that covers 240 lab professionals at NYU Langone’s main hospital, the Hospital for Joint Disease and the institution’s Health and Hospitals Corporations affiliates, including Bellevue.

Lab_feat.jpgThe 1199SEIU ChildCare Fund held its annual Lab Coat Ceremony at the Union’s Davis / Cherkasky Conference Center in Manhattan May 23. Every year eligible high school members’ kids on track for nursing careers participate in a Fund sponsored program that helps them achieve their educational and career goals.

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