1199SEIU New York City

310 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 582-1890

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1199 began as New York City pharmacists’ Union in 1932 and New York City remains, to this day, the primary base of the organization. In 1959, the largely male, Jewish drugstore Union began to transform itself by launching drives to organize the city’s voluntary, not-for profit hospitals and their primarily female, African-American and Latino workers.

Number of Members: 200,000
Number of Delegates:
Number of Facilities:




Everyday, 1199SEIU members are continuing to build on our historic growth in New York by uniting and organizing healthcare and home care workers across the state.


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ebolaConf_feat.jpg“When you have the job of taking care of a patient with a highly infectious disease, it’s scary,” Arjun Srinivasan, Associate Director for Healthcare-Associated Infection Prevention Programs at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, told the more than 5,000 healthcare workers who gathered at New York City’s Jacob Javits Convention Center Oct. 21 for an Ebola Education Session presented by the GNYHA/1199 Healthcare Education Project and the Partnership for Quality Care.

1199SEIU President George Gresham joined Julian Bond, US Senator Kay Hagan and the Riverside Church’s Rev. James Forbes as featured speakers before the convention of the North Carolina NAACP in Fayetteville, NC on October 9-11.

green_march2_feat.jpgIt was the largest climate march in the history of our planet. And 1199SEIU both helped to organize the Sept. 21 New York City march and participated in large numbers.

New York City is set to host what could be the largest climate change protest in history. Organizers expect more than 100,000 people to converge for a People’s Climate March on Sunday. Some 2,000 solidarity events are scheduled around the world this weekend ahead of Tuesday’s United Nations climate summit.

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