1199SEIU Calls on NY Hospitals to Settle Contracts With NYSNA

January 6, 2023

Contacts: Bryn Lloyd-Bollard | bryn.lloydbollard@1199.org | 732-606-5949
Stuart Marques | Stuart.marques@1199.org | 917-273-6194

New York’s largest healthcare union stands fully behind NYSNA in their efforts to win historic contract agreements to improve staffing, protect patients, and stabilize the nursing workforce.

Statement of the Executive Committee of 1199SEIU:

“We congratulate NYSNA for the groundbreaking tentative agreements they have achieved at many New York hospitals, and we call on the holdout institutions to follow suit without delay.

“The healthcare workers of 1199SEIU call on New York’s hospitals to urgently settle contract negotiations with NYSNA, to avoid a strike and guarantee that nurses have the pay, working conditions, and staffing levels they need to provide the highest level of care to their patients.

“The members of our respective unions belong to one care team. We see every day how our NYSNA colleagues go above and beyond the call of duty to give care and save lives. We share the same grave concerns regarding staffing, respect, and burnout facing nurses and other caregivers. The past three years of the pandemic have only made more apparent the need to transform healthcare and support the frontline workers who continue to face unprecedented challenges.

“As we experience an acute nursing shortage across New York, it is incumbent on the hospital industry to stabilize this critical workforce by ensuring that nurses have the protections they need to work safely and feel supported.”


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