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Every day, the nearly 450,000 healthcare workers of 1199SEIU stand united to secure quality care and good jobs for all. The members of 1199SEIU work in settings, including home care, nursing homes, hospitals and clinics. Our members work in service, maintenance, technical, professional and nursing jobs. Our union is dedicated to the ideals that make it possible for every working person to create the life they envision for themselves and their family. We are continually mobilizing to call attention to and fight against every form of injustice. Through our Political Action Contributions (PAC), 1199SEIU fights for the needs of our communities by helping to elect working-family-friendly candidates and craft worker-friendly legislation and policy. Working people continue to face many challenges. Join us as we make our voices heard!

Share Your Story

Welcoming immigrants has long been part of our nation’s DNA and a foundation of our success. We'd love to hear your voice tell your story. Please submit a 30 to 60 second video about your migration story with us below.


Healthcare workers are our most valuable resource in addressing COVID-19, and keeping healthcare workers safe must be our top priority. 1199SEIU, the nation’s largest healthcare workers’ union, has been working tirelessly with our members and partners to make sure our healthcare workers have what they need to do their job well and under the best conditions possible. Learn more here about how workers can protect themselves and how you can stand with workers on the frontlines of this crisis. And be sure to keep up with the latest COVID-19 and vaccine news and information. Read the current edition of Frontline News here.

Group of 65 and Greater New York Nursing Home Contracts

Our nursing home workers in New York facilities represented by the Group of 65 (Group) and Greater New York (Greater) are fighting for new, three-year contract agreements. Like our members in facilities represented by the League of Voluntary Hospitals and Homes, members in Group and Greater facilities provided dedicated care before the pandemic, and have continued to risk their lives on the front lines since early 2020. 1199ers are the heroes in these contract fights, and now it's time for the Group and Greater to do what's right!

Better Wages for Homecare Workers

The fastest growing sector of the healthcare industry is home healthcare. As the costs of acute care grow, many of our elderly and their families prefer the comfort and familiarity of home care. Our skilled and devoted home health aides and attendants have joined together in 1199SEIU because it is the strongest, most effective home care union in the United States. Together we fight for a living wage and healthcare coverage, while continuing to build skills and train for increased responsibilities as caregivers, better able to serve our clients in their homes. 1199SEIU, the strongest, fastest-growing and most effective healthcare union in the country, now represents more than 125,000 home care workers throughout Florida, Washington, DC, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York.


Too many of New York’s nursing home residents are not receiving the quality of care they need. In fact, New York ranks among the worst five states in the country because of our high number of facilities providing below-average hours of care to residents. Nursing home caregivers are burned out and exhausted because they aren’t given the resources to take better care of the residents they know and love.


1199SEIU has been at the forefront of reporting and activism on the destructive effects of one of humanity’s greatest challenges — the ravages of climate change. We have long worked with environmental organizations such as Riverkeeper, a New York State organization that protects the Hudson River from contamination.

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