With 275,000 members in one thousand institutions in three states and the District of Columbia, 1199SEIU has hundreds of contracts with employers in every sector of the healthcare industry from hospitals to clinics, pharmacies to home care agencies and nursing homes, plus several human service agencies. Since 1998, more than a dozen former SEIU healthcare locals have merged with 1199, bringing with them their own history, conditions and contracts. The strategic goal of 1199SEIU is to achieve one high standard for all healthcare workers.

Here are the summaries of some of our largest contracts. Please note that these are only summaries, not the contracts themselves. Please also note that there are many differences, even small ones, among collective bargaining agreements (CBA). Please consult your institution’s CBA or delegate for your contract’s precise language.

The League of Voluntary Hospitals and Homes Contract

The traditional core of 1199 is based in the hospital industry of New York City and Long Island where dozens of institutions form the League of Voluntary Hospitals and Homes (LVHH) for collective bargaining with our union. The 1199SEIU-LVHH contract is a master contract that covers tens of thousands of hospital workers. It is the “model contract” whose conditions — wages, benefits and worker protections — we seek to match throughout our union. Many hospitals and medical centers outside of LVHH have “me-too” contracts that are modeled on the 1199SEIU-League agreement.

» 1199-League Collective Bargaining Agreement June 2009 - April 2015.

» 1199-LVHH Memorandum of Agreement, 2014-2018

» The Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association Contract

This Greater New York Health Care Facilities Association (GNYHCFA) Contract is the master contract for tens of thousands of nursing home workers in Long Island, New York City and its northern suburbs. As with the 1199-LVHH contract for hospital workers, the GNYHCFA contract is the model for wages and benefits that we have achieved within the nursing-home industry.

» Home Attendants and Housekeepers Contract

Home care workers fall into two categories—home attendants and home health aides.

Home health aide contracts are negotiated with licensed home care agencies, which in turn are subcontracted by Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs). There are separate contracts with each licensed agency for the home health aides. The Home Attendants and Housekeepers Contract does not represent any contract for home health aides.

What is included here is the master contract for home attendants and housekeepers, covering some 40,000 workers in New York City. Nearly all home attendant and housekeeper contracts are identical, but members should consult their own CBA.

The home attendant contract does not represent any contract for home health aides.


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