April 20, 2021

We came together around the challenges nursing homes workers face, across the state: not enough time to provide the care and comfort residents deserve, and a lack of investment in quality care by profiteering nursing home owners.

We made our voices heard in our virtual lobby visits, pickets, vigils, rallies, phone calls and emails. We raised public awareness in the media about the critical need to invest in quality care. Here’s what we won in the 2021/22 NYS Budget: Nursing home revenue must be spent on quality resident care!

A requirement that nursing home owners spend 70% of their revenue on quality resident care—and 40% of that must be for staffing! (This will take effect January 1, 2022)

Nursing homes now have a five percent cap on their profits! And, if they exceed the cap, the surplus goes to a NYS Nursing Home Quality Pool fund.

Now, we have the momentum to continue to fully enact our quality care reforms, including setting minimum hours of care per resident per day, infection control audits and preventing bad owners from purchasing new homes.