1199SEIU Delegates Endorse NJ State Senator Barbara Buono for Governor

January 31, 2013

At a packed union assembly Wednesday night, 1199SEIU Delegates voted unanimously to endorse Democratic State Senator Barbara Buono for Governor of New Jersey. Members who interviewed the Senator last Thursday made an enthusiastic recommendation to the Delegate Assembly to formally endorse her candidacy.

“I am very impressed by Sen. Buono’s commitment to making sure that all people have access to affordable healthcare,” said Linda Tappendorf, a dietary aide who lives in Eatontown. “We work hard every day to ensure a higher quality of life for our residents, and I want a governor who will do the same for us. Sen. Buono has a record of fighting for 1199 members and the patients we care for.” Franchesca Caba, a certified nursing assistant from West New York, asked Sen. Buono how she planned to help schools in New Jersey provide a safe and healthy learning environment for children.

“Sen. Buono’s response meant a lot to me. She understands the importance of investing in our public school system so that my 2-year-old son Alexander can get a great education when he grows up.”

With the union’s endorsement, Sen. Buono has the backing of thousands of 1199ers who are determined to elect candidates in 2013 whose values reflect those of working- and middle-class families across the state. Expanding access to affordable health care, defending vital public services, sustaining and creating good jobs, and promoting a more equitable tax policy are among the priorities that 1199SEIU will push for in 2013.

“It is an honor to receive the endorsement of 1199SEIU,” said Sen. Buono. “Long-term care workers are critical to ensuring the health and well-being of thousands of New Jersey residents, and as governor I will continue to work hand-in-hand with caregivers to ensure that patients receive the quality care they deserve at our state’s nursing homes.”