Nursing Home Caregivers are Fighting for a Fair Contract!

October 11, 2018

Why Aren’t Nursing Home Owners LISTENING TO CAREGIVERS?

Workers covered by the Group and Greater New York nursing home contracts are embroiled in negotiations with management over staffing shortages & the potential impact on resident care.

“Our biggest challenges are wages, benefits and staffing. We also have an issue with agency workers. It’s gotten so much worse. I started doing this work in my twenties and it was never like this. We really have had to fight to win the changes we need,” said Audrey Stokes, a Certified Nursing Assistant with Gardens Nursing Home in Brooklyn

Since summer 2018, thousands of nursing home caregivers throughout New York City, Westchester and Long Island have been in contract negotiations with their employers. They’re not asking for special treatment, just a fair contract in line with what workers with the League of Voluntary Hospitals won this July.

Despite the fact that they successfully lobbied the New York State government to provide more state dollars for nursing homes, the employers are holding out on agreeing to fair wages until they know exactly when this money is coming in. Nursing home owners have a responsibility to provide fair wages to workers regardless of state money!

If management scrimps on providing industry standard wages and conditions, how will they recruit and retain the workers needed to provide resident care? Nursing home owners need to realize that good jobs and quality care go hand in hand.

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