1199SEIU Caregivers Won the $15 NY State Minimum Wage!

April 1, 2016

A message from 1199SEIU President George Gresham

Members of 1199 have been fighting hard for the $15 minimum wage, and last week in New York we had an historic victory. We are now on the path to a $15 minimum wage for all working people across the state!

Learn more about the law here.

This victory shows the true power of 1199 members to create major change when we are active in our union and speaking with a strong, unified voice. For almost two years, we marched, rallied, met with elected officials, spoke to the press, and called and emailed our legislators. AND FINALLY, WE WON.

NYC (except small business) NYC businesses with 10 or fewer employees Nassau, Suffolk & Westchester Rest of State





State government will determine yearly increases until $15 is reached

Over 100,000 members of 1199 and over 3 million total working people will have their pay raised by the $15 minimum wage. This is not only about lifting up low-wage caregivers, but also about improving wages for ALL healthcare workers and boosting our economy as a whole. As Governor Cuomo declared often while fighting alongside us, "We are all connected to each other." The $15 minimum wage will put upward pressure on employers to raise wages for everybody, and lead our entire nation toward a better future where hard work is rewarded with fair pay.

1199SEIU homecare and healthcare workers joined President George Gresham, Governor Cuomo, Secretary Hillary Clinton, elected officials, community organizations, faith leaders, and union members at our $15 Victory Rally yesterday.

Now, we need to keep building our powerful 1199 movement to protect the law, make sure healthcare workers get their raises each year, and fight for good jobs with higher pay for every healthcare worker. And we must unite all non-union healthcare workers in 1199 so we can have the strongest voice. Our vision is that all healthcare workers should have good jobs with fair wages, benefits and a union.

The strength of 1199 springs from the leadership and activism of members. Get more involved in our union by talking to your delegate or organizer, or going to 1199SEIU.org/GetActive.

Together, 1199 members are winning the Fight For $15, quality care and good healthcare jobs FOR ALL!

In Unity,

George Gresham, President
1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East