1199SEIU Florida Delegates Assemble: Celebrate 2023 Successes, Look Ahead To More In 2024

February 20, 2024

It was a celebration of successes in 2023 and a look ahead to more in 2024 at the recent 1199SEIU Florida Delegate Assembly hosted at the Marriott Sanibel Harbour Resort and Spa overlooking the Gulf of Mexico near Fort Myers.

1199SEIU Florida Delegates Assemble 1.pngMore than 200 delegates, members and leaders from all across the state assembled for two days to mark their accomplishments and discuss future strategies to win in the workplace and in politics despite especially daunting challenges in Florida. Attendees took part in an informative and action-packed agenda including special:

• “Healing breakouts” led by expert practitioners from Fanm Saj focusing on mindfulness, breathing, yoga, reiki and other ways to relieve stress at work.

•  Presentation by Mernelle Saint Jean MSW, LCSW covered how healthcare workers can better care for their own physical and mental health while experiencing trauma.

•  Retirement tribute to 1199SEIU’s Cloreta Morgan who devoted her talent, energy and leadership to healthcare workers and their families for more than XXX years. 

•  Gala dinner dance and best-dressed awards.

Individual delegates were honored for their success signing up new delegates, members, PAC contributors, ballot initiatives and more.  Delegates also played a key role in 2023 1199SEIU organizational highlights such as settling and ratifying more than 30 contracts (19 hospitals and 11 long-term care; currently managing the transfer of ownership for 18 nursing homes; processing more than 117 arbitrations; and much more.

1199SEIU Florida Delegates Assemble stacked Large.jpegAll of these accomplishments were achieved despite a cynical system of corporate greed and crooked politics that has created a dangerous staffing, retention and care crisis in our healthcare facilities. At the assembly, delegates discussed how Florida’s governor and legislature rig the rules so wealthy companies can maximize their billion-dollar profits while dangerously skimping on staffing, wages and working conditions.

So a critical element of the meeting was to discuss solutions to this staffing crisis and strategies to build broader pro-worker political power in 2024. 

“Our delegates are so smart, dedicated and play an invaluable leadership role in making life better for our members, families and communities,” said Roxey Nelson, EVP of 1199SEIU Florida. “It makes me very proud to join them and celebrate their amazing work, and especially plan for even greater successes in the future.”

For more information on becoming a delegate, contact your organizer.