When Jeanne Vilna’s job promotion came without the expected pay increase this CNA Fought Back and Won

July 2, 2019

Worker Victory Blog, Jeanne Vilna, 7-2-19.jpgJeanne Vilna has been working as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Avante´ at Boca Raton for several years. Six months ago, she was offered a promotion. Vilna expected that her new title, Restorative CNA, would include a pay increase. But that didn’t happen.

“I waited patiently but, after several months my paycheck remained the same despite the fact I was taking on new responsibilities,” said Vilna. “I was about to give up. Then I realized I could fight for my rights because of our union contact.”

Vilna’s persistence paid off. Not only did she get the pay increase she’s entitled to, Vilna will also receive retro-active pay dating back to January 2019, when she first started her new position. Vilna feels vindicated and grateful.

“The increase is close to $2 per hour. I will use the extra money to help take care of my three young children and send money home to my family in Haiti,” said Vilna.

Vilna has 16 siblings in Haiti and most of them depend on her to help them make ends meet because good paying jobs are hard to come by in the island nation due to natural disasters and economic distress.

Vilna is grateful for the job promotion and pay increase. But she says money is not what motivates her to go to work every day.

“I love my job. I enjoy caring for seniors and my other nursing home residents because it reminds me of the caretakers who took good care of my elderly parents in Haiti. Those caregivers were a lifeline for my parents, which gave me peace of mind. And I want to pay if forward by providing the best care possible for the residents I take care of at Avante.”