2024 Legislative Session Wrap Up

April 2, 2024

Good Bad Ugly 2024 revised March 27 2.jpgLike most years in Florida, the 2024 state legislative session was a mix of good, but also bad and ugly. Committed leaders and advocates accomplished numerous goals even while facing a super majority of partisan politicians who routinely ignore the real needs of working Floridians and families. The most extreme “anti-woke” proposals were defeated, which was a great relief and possible realization that distraction and divisiveness is not how to govern. The most important thing we can do is stay active and engaged to keep positive momentum for next year’s session, and for the critical local, state and national elections in the meantime this November.


3 Good Bad Ugly 2024 revised March 27.jpgThe Good: Healthcare Transparency & Accountability Legislation In Florida Nursing Homes & Hospitals

4 Good Bad Ugly 2024 revised March 27.jpgThrough the hard work and lobbying efforts of members and partners in a very difficult environment, we were able to pass and make significant progress on bills that added transparency, accountability and more funding to healthcare. These included the approved page1image39068400Live Healthy Act, Act with funding for free clinics, maternal health, health care worker education and loan reimbursements; a page1image3907089610% budget increase to nursing home rates (the largest boost in years); and strong bi-partisan support for the page1image39070480Patient Protection Act and the page1image39067360Healthcare Transparency Bill that forces nursing homes to reveal common ownership that otherwise allows them to dodge liability and hide their profits. While these two proposals did not secure approval, they are in excellent position for further progress and/or passage in 2025.




5 Good Bad Ugly 2024 revised March 27.jpgThe Bad & The Ugly: Some of Tallahassee’s Worst Bills of 2024

Among the various, bad & ugly bills related to healthcare and workers passed by the legislature, these stand out:
5 Good Bad Ugly 2024 revised March 27.jpgWeakening child labor laws to benefit the interests of business over the health, education and well-being of Florida youth.

5 Good Bad Ugly 2024 revised March 27.jpgProhibiting municipalities from enacting ordinances protecting outdoor workers, leaving 2 million outdoor laborers vulnerable to Florida’s dangerous sun and heat without proper shade, water and rest breaks.

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Making Our Voices Heard

To make our voices heard we must speak up...and show up. Member leaders of 1199SEIU met with lawmakers, testified in hearings, rallied at the Capitol and more to display a powerful presence on behalf of healthcare workers and all working Floridians. We fight for good jobs, justice, safe communities and a better Florida for all. It’s critical, at a very minimum, that we all get out and vote.


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Get Involved

grid Good Bad Ugly 2024 revised March 27.pngHelp us build political power to ensure our voices are heard in all levels of government.

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