Charlie Crist, Val Demings and Aramis Ayala are among 60+ candidates endorsed by 1199SEIU Healthcare Workers and Other SEIU Florida Essential Workers

July 1, 2022

Media contact: Ed Gilhuly, 305-807-6906 I

Members of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, the largest healthcare union in the U.S, are proud to join their SEIU Florida partners to endorse a slate of more than 60 candidates for the 2022 primary and general election. Topping the list are Charlie Crist for governor, Val Demings for U.S. Senate and Aramis Ayala for attorney general. If they win, Demings and Ayala would become the first African American women to serve in these positions.

All of the endorsed candidates were selected because they will work to protect the health and financial security of healthcare workers and all Floridians and create good jobs, improve access to quality, affordable healthcare and address the staffing and retention crisis.

Download our PDF list of endorsements for your county:

  1. Alachua
  2. Broward
  3. Dixie
  4. Duval
  5. Gilchrist
  6. Hillsborough
  7. Leon
  8. Miami-Dade
  9. Osceola
  10. Orange
  11. Palm Beach
  12. Pinellas
  13. Seminole
  14. Volusia

Here’s the list of endorsed candidates. An alphabetical breakdown by county is listed below.

Statewide Candidates
Charlie Crist (Florida Governor)
Val Demings (U.S. Senate)
Aramis Ayala (Florida Attorney General)
Adam Hattersly (Florida Chief Financial Officer)

Alachua County
Olysha Magruder (Florida State House, District 22)

Alachua County / Marion County
Yvonne Hayes Hinson (Florida State House, District 21)

Broward County
Lauren Book (Florida State Senate, District 35)
Daryl Campbell (Florida State House, District 99)
Dan Daley (Florida State House, District 96)
Lamar Fisher (Broward County Commission, District 4)
Beam Furr (Broward County Commission, District 6)
Clay Miller (Florida State House, District 101)
Jared Moskowitz (U.S. Congress)
Dr. Rosalind Osgood (Florida State Senate, District 32)
Hazelle Rogers (Broward County Commission, District 9)
Aude M.L. Sicard (Broward County Commission, District 8)

Mark David Bogen (Broward County Commission, District 2)

Christine Hunschofsky (Florida State House, District 95)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz (U.S. Congress)

Marie Woodson (Florida State House, District 105)

Broward County/ Palm Beach County
Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick (U.S. Congress)

Dixie/Baker/Bradford/Clay/Columbia/Gilchrist/Lafayette/Levy/Suwannee/Union/ Marion County
Jennifer Bradley (Florida State Senate, District 6)

Duval County
Tracie Davis (Florida State Senate, District 5)
Garrett Dennis (Florida State House, District 14)
Al Lawson (U.S. Congress)

Angie Nixon (Florida State House, District 13)

Hillsborough County
Andrew Learned (Florida State House, District 69)
Jen McDonald (Florida State House, District 65)
Gwen Myers (Hillsborough County Commission, District 3)

Kathy Castor (U.S. Congress)

Harry Cohen (Hillsborough County Commission, District 1)

Janet Cruz (Florida State Senate, District 14)

Fentrice Driskell (Florida State House, District 67)

Dianne Hart (Florida State House, District 63)

Kimberly Overman (Hillsborough County Commission, District 7)

Mariella Smith (Hillsborough County Commission, District 5)

Susan Valdes (Florida State House, District 64)

Hillsborough County/Pinellas County
Michele Rayner (Florida State House, District 62)

Leon County /Jefferson County/Taylor County
Allison Tant (Florida State House, District 9)

Loranne Ausley (Florida State Senate, District 3)

Miami-Dade County
Bryan Avila (Florida State Senate, District 39)
Maribel Balbin (Miami-Dade County School Board, District 4)
Marleine Bastien (Miami-Dade County Commission, District 2)
Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall (Miami-Dade County School Board, District 2)
Chris Benjamin (Florida State House, District 107)
JC Bermudez (Miami-Dade County Commission, District 12)
Kevin Cabrera (Miami-Dade County Commission, District 6)
Danielle Cohen Higgins (Miami-Dade County Commission, District 8)
AJ D’Amico (Florida State House, District 113)
Juan Fernandez Barquin (Florida State House, District 118)
Ashley Gantt (Florida State House, District 109)
Dotie Joseph (Florida State House, District 108)
Jordan Leonard (Florida State House, District 106)
Janelle Perez (Florida State Senate, District 38)
Dr. Marta Perez (Miami-Dade County School Board, District 8)
Ana María Rodríguez (Florida State Senate, District 40)
Anthony Rodriguez (Miami-Dade County Commission, District 10)
Maria Teresa Rojas (Miami-Dade County School Board, District 6)
Micky Steinberg (Miami-Dade County Commission, District 4)
Annette Taddeo (U.S. Congress)
Frederica Wilson (U.S. Congress)

Kevin Chambliss (Florida State House, District 117)

Miami-Dade County/Broward County
Michael Gottlieb (Florida State House, District 102)
Jason Pizzo (Florida State Senate, District 37)

Robin Bartleman (Florida State House, District 103)

Shevrin Jones (Florida State Senate, District 34)

Felicia Robinson (Florida State House, District 104)

Orange County
Kamia Brown - (Florida State Senate, District 15 - Co-Endorsement)
Lavon Bracy Davis (Florida State House, District 40)
Maxwell Frost (U.S. Congress)
Geraldine Thompson - (Florida State Senate, District 15 - Co-Endorsement)

Travaris McCurdy (Florida State House, District 41)

Darryl Rouson (Florida State Senate, District 16)

Darren Soto (U.S. Congress)

Orange/Seminole County
Tiffany Hughes (Florida State House, District 39)

Anna Eskamani (Florida State House, District 42)

Carlos Guillermo Smith (Florida State House, District 37)

Osceola County
Kristen Arrington (Florida State House, District 46)
Cheryl Grieb (Osceola County Commission, District 4)
Viviana Janer (Osceola County Commission, District 2)

Osceola County/Orange County
Allie Braswell (Florida State House, District 45)
Johana Lopez (Florida State House, District 43)
Tom Keen (Florida State House, District 35)

Victor Torres (Florida State Senate, District 25)

Palm Beach County
Mike Caruso (Florida State House, District 87)
Joe Casello (Florida State House, District 90)
Jervonte Edmonds (Florida State House, District 88)
Tina Polsky (Florida State Senate, District 30)
Bobby Powell (Florida State Senate, District 24)
David Silvers (Florida State House, District 89)
Corey Smith (Palm Beach County School Board, District 7
Andy Thompson (Florida State House, District 91)
Katherine Waldron (Florida State House, District 93)
Robert S. Weinroth (Palm Beach County Commission, District 4)
Erica Whitfield (Palm Beach County School Board, District 4)

Marcia Andrews (Palm Beach County School Board, District 6)

Lori Berman (Florida State Senate, District 26)

Karen Brill (Palm Beach County School Board, District 3)

Lois Frankel (U.S. Congress)

Kelly Skidmore (Florida State House, District 92)

Gregg Weiss (Palm Beach County Commission, District 2)

Pinellas County
Keesha Benson (Pinellas County School Board, District 3)
Lindsay Cross (Florida State House, District 60)
Ed Hooper (Florida State Senate, District 21)
Brian Martin (Pinellas County School Board, District 6)

Eunic Ortiz (State Senate, District 18)

Caprice Edmond (Pinellas County School Board, District 7)

Rene Flowers (Pinellas County Commission, District 7)

Pat Gerard (Pinellas County Commission, District 2)

Seminole County
Sarah Henry (Florida State House, District 38)

Joy Goff-Marcil (Florida State Senate, District 10)