CNA Anne Mercie Blot is Calling on Floridians to Vote for a Better Future

October 5, 2020

AnnMercie_MiamiMPO_feat.jpgCNA Anne Mercie Blot believes the outcome of the November 3 election could impact virtually every aspect of her life and all hardworking Floridians. As a mom, immigrant and healthcare worker, she’s concerned that the leaders we elect could make critical decisions about education, immigrant rights, affordable healthcare and other important issues. That’s why she is working hard as a member political organizer (MPO) every day to get out the vote.

“As a MPO with 1199SEIU, I am reaching out to thousands of voters via phone and text,” said Blot. “I am reminding them how critical this election is for working families.”

Blot is also sharing this message with her coworkers at a nursing home in Miami where she has worked as a certified nursing assistant for the past 16 years. She explains to her colleagues that the issues they face in the workplace are directly connected to the people we elect. One example is short staffing. Blot says even before the pandemic, CNAs and other staff were working double shifts. Instead of hiring additional permanent employees to address the staff shortage, temporary workers have been brought in recently to help.

However temporary workers don’t know the residents as well as the regular staff so Blot is concerned this could impact the quality of care. Blot reminds her coworkers that elected officials have the power to pass legislation that could set better staff to patient ratio standards in nursing homes. Another workplace issue that is tied to voting is the minimum wage. The starting minimum salary for workers at Blot’s facility is $9.65 per hour – not enough to feed your family.

That’s why many nursing home workers have to work two or more jobs just to make ends meet. If Amendment 2 is approved by voters, Florida’s minimum wage would go up to $15 per hour.

“My coworkers and other voters say to me ‘What is a politician going to do for me?’ I give them these examples. I also tell them if you want your kids to go to a good school, live in a safe neighborhood and you want affordable housing, you have to vote,” said Blot.

Blot reminds voters that we need to elect candidates who support these and other policies that uplift working families. She says she is voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because they believe in social and racial justice and will help us build an America for All – where everyone can join a union, have access to quality, affordable healthcare, sustainable long-term care, get a good paying job and immigrants are protected. The latter issue is near and dear to Blot’s heart because she knows firsthand the challenges immigrants face when they come to America.

“I am originally from Haiti. It took a long time to secure legal status,” explained Blot. “That was 18 years ago. Now, it’s more difficult than ever and it hurts me to see how the the Trump administration has separated immigrant families who come here to seek a better life. Families are the heart of society. When you break it, you break the heart of our society and no good can come from that. That’s why we all need to vote.”

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