Florida CNA Takes on a New Role with SEIU AFRAM, an African-American Caucus Addressing Issues that Impact Minority Members

August 19, 2019

Kaydra Blog 6 (3).jpgFlorida certified nursing assistant Kaydra Bonamy was recently sworn in as secretary of the southern region of SEIU AFRAM—an African-American caucus within the Service Employees International Union. AFRAM has members from 1199SEIU and other SEIU locals from across the country. Joining Bonamy in her new leadership role is Coy Jones, a political coordinator with 1199SEIU Florida, who is the new president of AFRAM’s southern region. This dynamic team is looking to expand activism and engagement in Florida and a handful of other states that are part of AFRAM’s southern region. Bonamy sees this area as fertile ground for growth and change.”

 “I am excited for this opportunity,” said Bonamy. “I like what AFRAM has been doing so far, all of the accomplishments over the past 20 years. I am looking forward to continuing this legacy.”

Over the past several decades, AFRAM evolved from internal committees and structures within SEIU. The mission and goal of the organization is to expand opportunities and participation of union members of African descent and to work together to fight for social, racial and economic justice.

“AFRAM’s original focus was to address issues that impact African-Americans,” explained Bonamy. “But it has expanded to include immigrant rights, workers’ rights and other critical issues that impact us all. These are issues that unite us.”

Preparing for the 2020 presidential election is one of the many tasks Bonamy and Jones will be charged. Bonamy, who is a member political organizer with 1199SEIU Florida, says the training and support she’s received through the union has prepared her for this opportunity.

“My interest has always been as an advocate, getting people to speak up for themselves,” said Bonamy. “I want to educate people about the good work our union is doing and how we can make positive political, social and economic changes together.”