‘Healthcare Heroes’ Hosted Vaccination Event To Help Protect Broward County Residents Against COVID-19

September 3, 2021

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HOLLYWOOD, FL----To help protect the community against the COVID-19 virus, the ‘healthcare heroes’ of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East teamed with Broward County officials and New Hope Missionary Baptist Church for a free vaccination event that was held on Wednesday, September 1. Coordinated by 1199SEIU caregivers and Broward County Mayor Steven Geller, the vaccine was administered by Broward County Health Department staff. The event targeted Hollywood-area residents but it was also open to anyone.

“For 18 months healthcare workers have been fighting on the front lines of this pandemic,” said Stephanie Shaw, a vice president with 1199SEIU. “Our caregivers see and feel this daily tragedy that has claimed the lives for more than 42,000 Floridians. The vaccine is the best way to defeat this virus, and we appreciate all of our partners for making this event possible.”

In addition to county and church officials, members of Florida Rising canvassed the surrounding neighborhoods to inform residents about the event. Several elected officials came out to show their support.

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Broward county resident and hospital worker Penny Ceasar, who got vaccinated months ago, said she volunteered for the Hollywood vaccine event because she has seen firsthand the devastation caused by COVID-19 pandemic. “I see it daily, people trying to get their breath, and that’s such a horrible feeling. It’s like drowning in your own body. Who wants to go through that? Take the vaccine, protect yourself so you don’t have to go through that and your loved ones don’t have to go through it,” said Ceasar.