Healthcare Workers and Community Work Together On The We Care Committee

August 9, 2023

Every month, a coalition of hospital and nursing home workers, elected officials, advocates and community leaders who are part of the We Care Committee meet to address issues impacting healthcare and our community. 

The most recent topic discussed in the July meeting was Florida’s new abortion ban law. Guest speaker Lauren Brenzel, Campaign Director of Floridians Protecting Freedom, explained the likely impact of the law and why it’s important to sign a petition so voters can have a say on this critical issue.

Other critical topics addressed in previous meetings include Florida’s new anti-immigrant law and pending federal staffing rules the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is expected to release this year. In order to counter an onslaught of opposition from the industry, everyone is encouraged to share a staffing story that illustrates the need for federal safe staffing levels.

Share your staffing story now. Click Here.

Members of the We Care Committee share a common goal – to improve the quality of care in all healthcare facilities. We encourage you to join our next virtual meeting, which occurs the third Thursday of every month, 6pm to 7pm. Zoom link: