The Incredibles of Healthcare: Amy Runkle, CNA.

May 16, 2019

To celebrate Hospital & Nursing Home Healthcare Worker Appreciation Month, 1199SEIU is highlighting the incredible work our members do every day to ensure hospital patients and nursing home residents in Florida receive the best care possible.  These dedicated caregivers truly are superheroes. That's why we asked members to nominate their co-workers to be named this year's Incredibles of Healthcare. We received many wonderful nominations (*please note the deadline to submit nonimations has passed). Here's one of those outsanding healthcare workers.

Amy Runkle, a CNA at Bay Breeze Health & Rehabilitation in Venice, is one of our Incredibles of Healthcare. Here's why.

Why are Amy’s co-workers incredible?

“My co-workers are incredible and excellent team players. They show so much respect and compassion for each other and our patients.” – Amy.

Why is Amy incredible?

“Amy is incredible and amazing. It doesn’t matter how much she has to handle or how far she has to go, she’s on top of it all. I think she could move mountains if she had to.” – Clara Smith, 1199SEIU Regional Director.

Why is a CNA job incredible?

“CNAs are incredible because they are the gentle compassionate hands that fragile seniors need. They’re really like caring family members for nursing home patients in their time of need.” – Clara Smith.

Why is working together in a union incredible?

“I’m really glad to have a union that listens to its members then has our backs when we need to be heard. I’m proud to be a delegate of an organization that helps us fight for our rights.” -- Amy.