The Incredibles of Healthcare: Eva Nolasco, PCT/Endo Tech.

May 15, 2019

Eva_1080_fa.jpgTo celebrate Hospital & Nursing Home Healthcare Worker Appreciation Month, 1199SEIU is highlighting the incredible work our members do every day to ensure hospital patients and nursing home residents in Florida receive the best care possible.  These dedicated caregivers truly are superheroes. That's why we asked members to nominate their co-workers to be named this year's Incredibles of Healthcare. We received many wonderful nominations (*please note the deadline to submit nonimations has passed). Here's one of those outsanding healthcare workers.

Eva Nolasco, a PCT/Endo Tech at Fawcett Memorial Hospital in Port Charlotte, is one of these Incredibles of Healthcare who uses her superpowers to make sure Florida families receive the highest quality of care possible. 

Why are Eva’s co-workers incredible?

“There’s such a strong sense of team among my co-workers. If we’re short-staffed, nobody ever says ‘that’s not my job.’ Everyone steps up when we need it.” – Eva.

Why is Eva incredible?

“Eva wholeheartedly cares for her patients and makes sure they receive the very best care possible. She’s active in our union because she understands the importance of having a voice for workers on the job and in the community.” – 1199SEIU Vice President Bob Gibson.

Why is a PCT/Endo tech job incredible?

“The job of a PCT/Endo Tech is incredibly important. These techs provide assistance during surgeries, which otherwise could be the most traumatic or trying times in a patient’s healthcare experience.” -- Bob Gibson.

Why is working together in a union incredible?

“Our union fights for the things we all need and deserve, like fair wages and healthcare. These are not just important now, but also for the future of our children.” -- Eva.