The Incredibles of Healthcare: Justina Cioffi, RN

May 8, 2018


During the month of May, 1199SEIU members are nominating their fellow nurses and healthcare workers who they think are doing an incredible job at the hospital or nursing home where they work.

Justina Cioffi is one of The Incredibles of Healthcare who uses her super powers to make sure Florida families get the best care possible.

Name: Justina Cioffi  
Title: RN
Facility: St. Mary’s Medical Center
Location: West Palm Beach, FL                  
Years in Healthcare: 29

Why is this job incredible?

“The RN is on the frontline of caregiving, nurturing and healing.  A good or bad RN will make or break the hospital experience” -  Jude Derisme, VP/Palm Beach Regional Coordinator.

Why is Justina incredible?

“Justina is selfless and always ready to help.” - Jude Derisme, VP/Palm Beach Regional Coordinator.

Why is her work/union incredible?

“With our union, we have a say in our jobs. Together, we have strength in numbers.” - Justina Cioffi

Nominate a co-worker at by May 18 for being an incredible team member and s/he will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a Hospital & Nursing Home Appreciation prize pack from 1199SEIU.  

And thank YOU for being part of this incredible team of healthcare superheroes!