The Incredibles of Healthcare: Rochelle Salcedo, CNA

May 16, 2019

To celebrate Hospital & Nursing Home Healthcare Worker Appreciation Month, 1199SEIU is recognizing the incredible work our members do every day to ensure their hospital patients and nursing home residents receive the best care possible. These dedicated caregivers truly are superheroes. That's why we asked members to nominate their co-workers to be named this year's Incredibles of Healthcare. We received many wonderful nominations (*please note the deadline to submit nonimations has passed). Here's one of those outsanding healthcare workers.

Rochelle Salcedo, a CNA at The Palms Rehabilitation & Healthcare in Palm Bay, is one of these Incredibles of Healthcare who uses her superpowers to make sure Florida families receive the highest quality of care. 

Why are Rochelle’s co-workers incredible?

“My co-workers are like family. Even if we fight, it’s for the right reason and we always work it out to provide the very best care for our patients.” – Rochelle.

Why is Rochelle incredible?

“Rochelle is incredible because each day she goes over and beyond every need and expectation, no matter the situation.” – Doll Jenkins, 1199SEIU Region Organizer.

Why is a CNA job incredible?

“CNAs have incredibly important jobs because they take care of seniors who need constant care. Sometimes nursing home residents don’t have any family left of their own, and CNAs provide that companionship.” – Doll Jenkins.

Why is working together in a union incredible?

“The union provides us power in the workplace to fight for our rights as workers and for our patients. Standing together gives us the guts to say what’s unfair or what we deserve.” -- Rochelle.