The Incredibles of Healthcare: Roxan Parker, RN

May 16, 2019

To celebrate Hospital & Nursing Home Healthcare Worker Appreciation Month, 1199SEIU is highlighting the incredible work our members do every day to ensure hospital patients and nursing home residents in Florida receive the best care possible.  These dedicated caregivers truly are superheroes. That's why we asked members to nominate their co-workers to be named this year's Incredibles of Healthcare. We received many wonderful nominations (*please note the deadline to submit nonimations has passed). Here's one of those outsanding healthcare workers.

Roxan Parker, an RN at Good Samaritan Medical Center in West Palm Beach, is one of these Incredibles of Healthcare who uses his superpowers to make sure Florida families receive the highest quality of care possible. 

Why are Roxan’s co-workers incredible?

“My co-workers make an incredible team because of their absolute dedication to quality, their jobs and their patients.” – Roxan.

Why is Roxan incredible?

“Roxan is a strong, natural leader. He’s an incredibly hard worker and will to do whatever it takes to deliver the highest quality care.” – 1199SEIU Regional Organizer Christalla Dorval.

Why is an RN job incredible?

“An RN’s work is incredible and invaluable. There’s no price you can put on what they provide to patients, their facilities and their co-workers.” -- Christalla Dorval.

Why is working together in a union incredible?

“Being in the union is like having another family. And it provides the satisfaction of working together, staying focused on achieving a common goal.” -- Roxan.