Job Loss And Tough Fiscal Times Didn't Stop Jorge Tschebortarjew From Fighting And Winning His job Back Plus Back Pay

April 17, 2019

JorgeTschebortarjew_fa.jpgJustice has finally come for Jorge Tschebortarjew, a driver who worked at Hillcrest Health Care and Rehabilitation Center in Hollywood Florida for nearly eight years until he was unjustly fired in 2016. After a long hard fight to get his job back, Tschebortarjew was recently reinstated. He will also receive back pay and benefits. The 75-year-old grandfather and member of 1199SEIU described the victory as an arduous journey for justice.

“It wasn’t easy. When I was out of work, I got behind on the rent. But, with the strength of my co-workers behind me, we were able to right this wrong,” said Tschebotarjew.

Tschebortarjew feels vindicated and grateful for the support he received from his fellow 1199SEIU members and co-workers. After he returned to work recently, he received a warm welcome from the staff and residents. Tschebortarjew says the outpouring of love has renewed his faith. “I am elated. I feel once again that justice does exist,” said Tschebortarjew.

Tschebotarjew shared his story at a recent delegate assembly meeting. He encouraged all members to stay united and committed in their fight for justice.

“I hope my story inspires my union brothers and sisters to fight for their rights too. When we unite and fight, we win.”