Meet the Incredibles of Healthcare

May 21, 2019

To celebrate Hospital & Nursing Home Healthcare Worker Appreciation Month, 1199SEIU is celebrating the incredible work of our members.

Here are a few of our Incredibles of Healthcare--caregivers who go above beyond the call of duty to give hospital patients and nursing home residents the best care possible. The following is a quote from each of these super heroes and a link to a blog that tells more about them and the great work they do.

Amy Runkle, a CNA at Bay Breeze Health & Rehabilitation in Venice

“Amy is incredible and amazing. It doesn’t matter how much she has to handle or how far she has to go, she’s on top of it all. I think she could move mountains if she had to.” – Clara Smith, 1199SEIU Regional Director.

Read more about Amy

Roxan Parker, RN at Good Samaritan Medical Center

“Roxan is a strong, natural leader. He’s an incredibly hard worker and will to do whatever it takes to deliver the highest quality care.” – 1199SEIU Regional Organizer Christalla Dorval.

Read more about Roxan

Eva Nolasco, PCT/Endo Tech at Fawcett Memorial Hospital

“Eva wholeheartedly cares for her patients and makes sure they receive the very best care possible. She’s active in our union because she understands the importance of having a voice for workers on the job and in the community.” – 1199SEIU Vice President Bob Gibson.

Read more about Eva

Armen Mgrditchian, OR Aide at Aventura Hospital & Medical Center

“Armen is modest and tries to shift any recognition and credit to his team. But he is a superstar at his job and at supporting his co-workers and union.” – 1199SEIU Organizer Nicholas Kojkowski.

Read more about Armen

Marlyn Hoilette, RN at Palms West Hospital

“Marlyn is a mentor, almost a mom to everyone in her unit. She’s strong, caring and passionate about her patients, work and co-workers.” – 1199SEIU Vice President Jude Derisme.

Read more about Marlyn

Rochelle Salcedo, CNA at The Palms Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

“Rochelle is incredible because each day she goes over and beyond every need and expectation, no matter the situation.” – Doll Jenkins, 1199SEIU Region Organizer.

Read more about Rochelle