New Contract Has Tamarac Nursing Home Workers Feeling Triumphant and Proud

February 25, 2020

LTC Tamarac ratification 2-2020, 502 x 424.jpgHealthcare workers at Tamarac Convalescent Center are declaring victory after ratifying their new contract. That’s because they secured a strong deal that will put more money in their pockets, an extra sick day and give longtime employees additional vacation time.

“It’s a better contract than the previous one,” said Debra Williams, a dietary aide and union delegate. “It includes annual wage increases, higher starting rates and a grievance procedure.”

Williams described the negotiations as intense at times. But the bargaining team stood their ground and persevered.

“This was my first time sitting at the negotiation table,” explained Williams. “It was exciting and empowering to go toe to toe with management.”

Workers have already reaped some of the benefits of their hard work. Recently they received their first annual increase and the new LTC Tamarac ratification 2-2020, 500 x 309.jpgthe minimum wage is expected to begin soon. Williams says she feels proud that she was able to help facilitate this victory.

“My coworkers are excited about the new contract,” said Williams. “The whole experience was enlightening and inspiring. I plan to be there next time we negotiate a new contract.”