New Laws That Restrict Freedom Prompt Healthcare Workers to Speak Out and Take Action

August 4, 2023

News Laws 08-04.jpgIt’s important to be aware of new legislation that took effect recently. Most of the laws passed during the 2023 legislative session attempt to restrict our freedom and silence us. 

Among the myriad of bad bills – legislation that aims to weaken public unions and one that attempts to change or erase Black history. There’s also a new law that gives CNAs the option to train to become QMAs or Qualified Medication Aides, enabling them to disburse medicine to nursing home residents. CNAs who voluntarily choose to become QMAs cannot also assume the duties of a CNA during the same shift. That means another CNA will have to fill in which may be difficult to do given the current staffing crisis. Employers may try to circumvent or skirt this rule which could impact the quality of care. 

The onslaught of legislative attacks this year is what happens when we have lawmakers in Tallahassee who put politics over the needs of everyday Floridians. The good news is, healthcare workers are fighting back and working together to make positive changes.

Throughout the summer, healthcare workers have been joining lobby visits to tell elected officials they need to protect their freedom and fix the housing, staffing and retention crisis. Workers are also participating in candidate screenings so they can identify and support leaders who will protect, respect and pay healthcare workers a living wage and staff facilities at safe levels. During election season, workers will also help to get out the vote for candidates endorsed by 1199SEIU Florida. 

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