Passion for Change at Work and in My Community

September 8, 2016

By Amanda Mitchell, FANS Clerk & 1199SEIU Delegate, Oak Hill Hospital

I was a member of 1199SEIU for a few months when I was given an opportunity to see if I could make a difference. To my own surprise, I was able to save the job of an employee who worked here a lot longer than I have. I learned, that at times, I could reason with management and it's proven to be extremely helpful. I was invited to attend a meeting outside of my hospital by my organizer and I must admit, it was tough for me to go. I'm a single mother with a young son. So I took him with me and it was an incredible eye opening experience. Now I have apassion to change things for myself, my co-workers, my son and future generations.

Politics have been overlooked by more of the working class than I realized. We MUST make greedy corporations pay their fairshare in taxes! WHY is it perfectly fine and acceptable for corporate welfare to continue on the backs of the tax pair every day? We need to save America by treating the working class with living wages and affordable health care! #Hillary2016

Thanks to being a member of 1199SEIU I have the assistance I need in getting my voice heard in and out of the work place!