Pinecrest Convalescent Home Workers Ratify a Strong Contract

February 24, 2020

LTC PInecrest Ratification 2-2020, 500 x 450.jpgWorkers at Pinecrest Convalescent home have ratified a new contract. It’s a good deal that includes higher minimum wages and annual pay raises for certified nursing assistants, dietary aides, housekeepers and the other hardworking employees at the facility.

“The raises will make things a bit easier for me and my coworkers,” said Tawana Couch, a single parent who has worked as a cook at Pinecrest for 18 years. “It will help me provide for my three school aged children.”

Negotiations weren’t easy. Management’s initial proposal included a nominal pay increase. But the bargaining team fought back and demanded more.

“It was difficult at times but, we didn’t back down, “explained Couch. “I am proud that we stayed committed and united throughout the negotiation process.”

The bargaining unit’s tenacity paid off. In addition to higher starting rates, annual pay increases, and a grievance procedure, they also won an extra week vacation for longtime employees.

“My coworkers who have worked here for 20 or more years thanked me. They deserve an extra week vacation since they have dedicated themselves to this work for so many years,” said Couch.

Other coworkers have expressed their appreciation for the work the bargaining team did to secure this contract. Couch hopes it will encourage more of her colleagues to be more active in the union because she knows there is strength in numbers.

 “I am proud of the work we did,” said Couch, who is also a union delegate. “We fought for all workers, not just the staff in my department. That’s how we win, by standing up for each other as one united group.”