Press Statement: Roxey Nelson of 1199SEIU on Supreme Court Rollback of Women's Reproductive Rights and Freedoms

June 24, 2022


Media contact: Ed Gilhuly, 305-807-6906 |

“As so many of us have feared, the Republican-appointed justices on the Supreme Court have reversed Roe vs. Wade, gutting reproductive freedoms, protections and healthcare for tens of millions of women in the United States. This will be especially tragic in states such as Florida with a legislature and governor who already have passed radical and intrusive limitations on women’s freedom and right to self-determination.

The decision to terminate a pregnancy is personal and always with serious consideration. The state, activist judges, idealogues and cynical politicians have no business sticking their nose in these intimate conversations between a woman, her loved ones, and her doctor.  

Our organization of caregivers, largely made up of women, understands what this decision will mean for our daughters and granddaughters. A reversal of Roe vs. Wade after 50 years isn’t going to end abortions, but it will make women’s lives harder, and it will put the most marginalized women in danger. Women will suffer and some will die.

To preserve our deep and personal rights and critical reproductive healthcare, it’s essential that we not only make our voices heard today, but also show up to the polls this November to elect leaders who will truly serve the people and protect our vital freedoms.”   


Roxey Nelson is Executive Vice President of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, the largest union of healthcare workers in Florida.