Rallies Across Florida Call On Lawmakers To Protect Our Freedom

August 4, 2023

July 1 Freedom, Miami event 2023.jpg

When a host of bad laws went into effect on July 1, a coalition of labor, advocates, community leaders and concerned citizens took to the streets at events across the state to wage peaceful protests. From Jacksonville to Miami, the message was clear – every day Floridians won’t remain silent while Florida lawmakers enact laws that aim to divide us and erode our freedoms. 

From affordable housing to union busting, teaching our true history in schools, accessing reproductive health care, or being free from gun violence in our communities, these and other freedoms were targeted during the 2023 legislative session. The impact will be widespread and harsh, especially for low-income residents and minorities. 

Hospital worker and 1199SEIU member leader Jackie Wheeler was among the many healthcare workers to join a rally in Palm Beach County to speak out against the onslaught of harmful legislation. “This is a critical time for Floridians. Our freedom is at risk so we must stand up and speak up so elected officials know we won’t sit quietly on the sidelines while they try to strip away our rights,” said Jackie Wheeler. “The “Freedom for All” rally in Palm Beach County was a powerful example of our strength, commitment and unity.”

The peaceful protest events, hosted by the Freedom For All coalition, kicked off the Summer of Resistance campaign. In addition to public events, workers are taking action by joining lobby visits to meet with elected officials, participating in candidate screenings to identify leaders who support healthcare workers and soon they will help get out the vote when the election season begins.