The Sands at South Beach Caregivers Unite to Secure a Good Contract

April 30, 2019

Sands-jpg_fa4.jpgIn a unanimous vote, The Sands at South Beach Rehabilitation and Nursing Center members recently approved their new contract. It’s a strong contract that runs through 2022. It includes annual wage increases as well as higher minimum rates for most employees. Plus, there are no losses.

“When all of your co-workers vote yes on a contract, it’s a pretty good indication it’s a good deal,” said CNA Elise Donatien. “I am proud we were able to find consensus and support this contract and each other.”

These caregivers really did coalesce through uncertain times. The facility changed hands over the past year. With a new owner at the helm, the Bargaining Team faced new challenges. But they stayed united and undeterred in their mission to win a fair contract.

“It wasn’t easy but, in the end, I think we met our goal,” said Manuella Guillen. Sands-jpg_fa3.jpg“This contract puts a little more money in our pocket and offers a something for everyone. Whether you’re a CNA or you work in housekeeping or dietary, minimum wages will increase for most workers.”

“I am thrilled our new contract is in place because it gives me peace of mind,” said Donatien. “And it means I can continue to care for the seniors and other nursing home residents who I know are counting on me every day to take good care of them during their time of need.”