Statement from Roxey Nelson of 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East On Ohio, Florida Ballot Initiatives Protecting Women’s Reproductive Rights

November 8, 2023

“Our union of Florida healthcare workers are very proud of Ohio voters who have protected women’s reproductive rights and told partisan politicians to stay out of out of our very personal healthcare decisions.

Ohio men and women saw through deliberately confusing ballot language and other deceptions to win convincingly.  In Florida, we’re committed to do the same to guarantee our freedoms and to roll back the intrusive, unpopular and extreme abortion bans passed by the Florida Legislature and signed by the governor earlier this year.

Our organization of caregivers, largely female, also have seen the tragic results of desperate girls and women dangerously ending pregnancies on their own.  Draconian bans don’t stop abortions, but they do end access to safe, legal and necessary ones.  

This is why we’ve enthusiastically joined the Floridians Protecting Freedom coalition to successfully place an amendment on the 2024 Florida ballot to constitutionally keep politicians out of our personal health matters.  Ohio voters spoke with force for their rights this election. It will take a great deal of effort and resources, but Floridians need to sign the petition, support our coalition and vote to make our voices heard even more powerfully in 2024.”   



 Roxey Nelson is Executive Vice President for 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, the largest union of healthcare workers in Florida.



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