A Test of Will, Tenacity and Teamwork Help Plaza Nursing Home Workers Secure a New Contract

July 24, 2019

Plaza Bargaining & Teach In, 6-12-19 (2).jpgCaregivers from four Plaza Health Network nursing homes in Miami have ratified a new contract. The three-year deal includes higher wages and bonuses as well as no takeaways. Bargaining committee members fought long and hard to hammer out an agreement that benefits all employees.

“The higher minimum wages will help many employees at my facility including dietary workers, housekeepers and caregivers,” said CNA Bernarda Polinska. “This is what it’s all about, securing a deal that includes something for everyone.”

Securing this deal wasn’t easy. One of the facilities, Aventura Plaza, was slated to be sold and it was unclear if the new owner would agree to sign off on a new contract. Negotiations ran into the night and proved to be a true test of endurance and tenacity.  Despite the late hour session and requests by management to end it and a meet another day, the bargaining team pressed on until a satisfactory agreement was reached.

“I am proud of the way our bargaining committee stood their ground and stayed unified despite many challenges,” said CNA Marie Petit Frere. “It’s a good example of the power we have as workers when we come together through our union to negotiate with management.”

Four facilities now have a new agreement. They include Jackson Plaza Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Sinai Plaza Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Arch Plaza Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and Aventura Plaza which was signed and agreed to by the new owners.