Home Care Members Rally for Better Pay and Conditions

July 30, 2021


One week after New York City’s ticker-tape parade to show appreciation for front-line workers, home care workers rallied in front of City Hall for better wages to reflect the sacrifices they say they make every day. They were calling on Congress to pass the Better Care, Better Jobs Act and to remind everyone that home care is essential. The bill would invest funds into the home care industry, prioritizing wage and benefit increases for caregivers.

"We love what we do, but we need to be paid better,” said Lilieth Clacken an 1199 home health aide with the Region Care and All Metro agencies for six years, often working 50-to-70 hours a week to support herself and help with her two daughters and three grandchildren.

"These workers have been undervalued,” said Rona Shapiro, the union's executive vice president. "The role they play in their client's lives is crucial and in order for them to continue to be home care workers they need to be able to pay their bills."