Delmar, NY Healthcare Workers Will Picket Tomorrow, October 23 2 p.m.-4 p.m.

October 22, 2019



Contact: Mindy Berman | 518.0486 |

Uncertainty prevails among workers, residents and all of their families at Good Samaritan Nursing Home and Kenwood Manor


When: WEDNESDAY October 23, 2 p.m.-4 p.m.

Where: Rockefeller Road, Delmar

Who: 1199SEIU healthcare workers, supporters, resident families, local elected officials Photo, video and interview opportunities available on site.

Albany, NY The uncertainty and the drama continue. Just yesterday, October 21, the health caregivers at Good Samaritan Nursing Home and Kenwood Manor were given a 30-day reprieve from the immediate termination of their health benefits, because their employer, the Lutheran Care Network, made a partial payment to their Health Benefit Fund. However the future is more intimidating than ever, as workers, residents and families have not been given any information about the future of the two facilities.

What they do know is that Lutheran Care Network, the operators of Good Samaritan Nursing Home/Kenwood Manor are having financial difficulty and trying to sell the facilities. The caregivers have been saying for months that their ability to deliver quality care is impeded by the lack of resources and constant uncertainty. There isn't enough staff to meet residents' needs and there aren't enough supplies. They held a press conference on these issues on October 4.

Even though their health benefits were saved for the moment, the workers are still enormously troubled, because while their commitment to the residents inspires them to continue their work under extremely challenging circumstances, they also must be able to take care of their families and of course, themselves.


The Lutheran Care Network must fully pay what they owe to our Benefit Fund;

Any buyer or new operator must honor the union (1199SEIU) and the contract, including the Health Benefit Fund, with affordable, quality health benefits.

Current and future operators must make quality care a priority.

Care and services will not be interrupted during the picket. Participants will be on the line on their own time; a break or their time off.

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