Baltimore Hospital Workers Win Big in New Contract

September 22, 2016

On September 21, 1199 members at University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown—formerly Maryland General Hospital—voted 136 to 7 in support of a strong new contract, winning significant gains for the membership and a path to $15 hourly minimum wages.

Under the new contract, all union workers will earn at least $15 an hour in just over two years—an important milestone as Baltimore workers continue their fight for a $15 minimum wage.

The three-year agreement includes wage increases and market adjustments ranging from 6% to 12% over the duration of the contract. The contract also offers the following:

-A tool allowance for maintenance workers
-Uniform allowances and preceptor pay for all union workers
-Increased shift differentials
-A wellness program with incentives

Disability benefits are also improved under the new contract, with the addition of a new long term disability benefit and reduced wait time to receive short term disability benefits.

“Being on the bargaining committee really helped me understand the importance of the union. Everyone was really passionate and involved,” said Latanya Denton, an ER nursing tech. “And people are excited about earning $15 an hour. Healthcare is hard work. It’s hard dealing with the public, especially in an inner-city hospital. We enjoy what we do, but it’s better when we get fairly compensated for our work.”