Healthcare Workers at Hope Center for HIV and Nursing Care in the Bronx vote ‘Yes’ to Join 1199

February 9, 2017

Today we welcome 36 new members into our 1199 family after a unanimous vote to join our union. The CNAs and housekeeping staff at the Hope Center for HIV and Nursing Care won their union vote by a resounding 36-0.

Jeanette Gordon, a CNA at the Hope Center, said: “This is a great day for us. Today we won the right to be part of 1199. I have 20 years as an 1199 member in the past and wanted to see my younger coworkers have the opportunity to achieve what other 1199 members have won, such as: good benefits, better pay and the skills training needed to grow in the health care field. Today we came together as one with a victory for ourselves and our community of patients.”

Another CNA, Karen Brown, added: “I'm a 10-year member of 1199. I've been here at Hope Center almost as long. My coworkers here do fantastic work and deserve to have what other 1199 members have. They deserve it and so do I. We're all in the union now.”

Shanada Lucas, who works in Housekeeping, said: “We United as one and we won. We were able to come together and form a union thanks to the help of 1199.”

Substance Abuse Counselor, Michael Orange, added: “Tonight our vote signified that we are a unified body. As we all know that unity is not only an indication of cohesiveness, but a realization of the power of unity, hope and a brighter future because of it. Today we stand UNITED.”

Keyana Riddick, a CAN, agreed: “I needed to be Union because I need vacation pay, sick pay and a pension! Now I have a Union and I'm fighting for myself, my family and my patients. “

1199SEIU is the largest healthcare workers union in the US, with more than 400,000 members in five states along the Eastern seaboard. We are one of the fastest growing unions in the country.

As well as having a larger say in their working lives, the newest members at the Hope Center voted to join our union for 1199’s pension, job security, affordable quality healthcare and educational benefits.