1199SEIU Calls On New Jersey To Pass Marriage Equality Bill

January 25, 2012

1199SEIU, New Jersey’s largest long-term-care union, has called upon the state legislature in Trenton to pass the marriage equality legislation proposed by lawmakers earlier this month.

In recent weeks, the issue of marriage equality has gained traction following the introduction of S1 in the Senate and A1 in the Assembly, with a large number of newspaper editorials and elected officials offering their support.

The union leadership expressed support for the Democratic lawmakers who have touted the bill as a legislative priority, and have committed to bringing the measure up for a vote during the current legislative session.

“This is a civil rights issue, and our members understand that all couples should be allowed to marry the ones they love, regardless of their gender,” said Milly Silva, Executive Vice President of 1199SEIU New Jersey, which represents over 7,000 long-term care workers in the state. “We know that a majority of New Jersey voters now support allowing gay couples to get married. We stand with our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community, and call on those in Trenton to pass this important piece of legislation.”

New Jersey has no statute or constitutional provision prohibiting same-sex marriage. New Jersey would join Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and the District of Columbia where same-sex marriages are currently legal. Pending marriage equality legislation in the state of Washington is also expected to pass.