We lost one of our own in Orlando

June 17, 2016

As we grieve for Orlando, our sister Anita Williams is grieving for her cousin Eddie.

The tragedy in Orlando this weekend has affected us all in many ways. But for our 1199SEIU member Anita Williams, a Certified Nursing Assistant at a Consulate nursing home in Orlando, the shooting hit home. Her cousin, Eddie Justice, was one of the 49 brilliant lives cut short by the homophobic inspired massacre that took place at Pulse nightclub on Sunday night.

Help us send much needed love to Anita and her family by donating to the Pulse Victims Fund.

When you donate, add a comment saying "In the memory of Eddie Justice".

"Mommy, I love you" was one of the last texts Eddie sent his mom that night when he was he was trapped in the bathroom. You might have already heard that story or seen his picture in the media. Eddie's best friend also shared his survival story "How one man survived the shooting in Orlando" with tears in his eyes.

But Eddie is much more than his last moments. He was a 30-year-old accountant; and, according to his mother, he was a homebody who liked to eat, work out and make everyone laugh. His family is union family.

Eddie's story reaffirms our commitment to support hardworking families like his to have dignifying jobs so they can raise healthy sons and daughters, make sure they go to College and have a fulfilled life. Now, we need to stand stronger than ever to stop the hate against our LGBTQ sons and daughters - the same hate that ended Eddie's life that night.

We can stop hate with love. Any donation to Eddie's family is an act of kindness.

Remember, make sure to add a comment saying your donation is in the memory of Eddie Justice.