1199’s Kids Are Happy Campers

August 22, 2019

The Anne Shore Camp Program makes Union kids’ summertime fun time

Since its inception in 1965, Anne Shore Camp program has been sending eligible 1199ers’ children who are between the ages of nine and 15 on two-to-four week stays at summer camps throughout the Northeast. To participate in the program, there is a nominal administrative fee of $50 and members must also pay tax on camp tuition paid on their behalf. The program is open to eligible members covered under the National Benefit Fund and the Greater New York Child Care Fund. The Anne Shore Program is administered by the 1199SEIU Child Care Corporation and serves between 850 and 900 kids annually. An array of camps emphasizes athletics, fine arts, technology, and outdoor adventure. There are also programs for teenaged, disabled, and special needs campers. This summer, 1199 Magazine visited the YMCA Camp in Huguenot, NY, a sleepaway camp provider for Anne Shore that this summer, that served nearly 250 1199 kids over the course of two sessions. Scores of leisure, learning, and athletic activities are available to YMCA campers, including woodshop, team sports, dance, arts and crafts and DJing. The 1199SEIU Child Care Corporation offers opportunities for parents to learn about summer camp, including an annual Camp Fair in November and materials about summer camp, which are provided upon request. For more information, email AnneShoreCampProgram@1199funds.org or call 212-564-2220 ext. 3460.